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For more than 100 years, we have been serving the needs of our clients based upon a set of core values and a belief in what we do. How can we help you?

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A History of Service

In a small Topeka, Kansas, drugstore, Dr. H.A. "Doc" Warner encouraged 11 men and women to contribute $1 each to help form "The Knights and Ladies of Security." The forward-thinking fraternal society was among the first to accept women as equals, provide life insurance to everyday people and focus on caring for the community. These core values served as the foundation upon which Security Benefit is built today.


In the later part of the nineteenth century, fraternal organizations were popular sources of financial security for many Americans. One of these organizations, The Knights and Ladies of Security, began in Topeka, Kansas in 1892. In 1919 the Knights and Ladies of Security merged with another fraternal order to become the Security Benefit Association. 


SBA Hill

SBA Hill

 Along with the new name, the Association also bore an innovative idea.  A stirring appeal went out from the headquarters to the membership. This bold new vision would provide an expanded array of benefits to all members with the development of a new hospital, an "old folk's home" and an orphanage.  All three projects were combined to create this grand vision. Members donated nickels to help fund a mutual cooperative farm, a children's orphanage, a home for the elderly, a private school and a hospital. The first dormitory to accommodate children who were orphans of members was fondly called "The Home That Nickels Built."  SBA Hill became a 400-acre complex that was almost completely self sufficient, with a central powerhouse supplying heat and electricity to all surrounding buildings. In addition, the "Hill" included a greenhouse, an orchard, a dairy, and even a hotel for visiting friends and relatives.  During World War I and World War II, SBA offered expanded coverage to members who served in the military, despite the financial turmoil the wars caused for the organization. A Patriotic Fund was created by members to support fellow military members.



On January 1, 1950, SBA changed from a fraternal society to Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (SBL), a mutual reserve life insurance company. The reorganization meant new challenges for the company, which now counted 136,000 members. One challenge was the enormous paperwork. In time, the operating procedures were simplified and the company was able to focus on growth.  


The field force, organized twenty years earlier, blossomed during the 1950's as independent agents. Well trained, well supervised, and well supported by the Home Office, they used movies for sales purposes with agents working their own projectors. As American society grew larger and more spread out, the movies took on greater value. SBL was one of the first insurance companies in the country to use this medium for company promotions, and the results were excellent.



The sixties were a phenomenal decade of growth for Security Benefit Life. The company tripled its size, doubled its number of employees, expanded its operations to 20 new states, and offered more and varied services. Growing substantially faster than the life insurance industry as a whole, SBL moved into a select circle - the top six percent of life insurance companies in the nation.  In 1964, SBL had reached one billion dollars of life insurance in force.  Then in 1968 and early 1969, Security Benefit developed one of the first variable annuity products offered by a life insurance company.



In 1982, a holding company was formed - Security Benefit Group.  While other companies suffered through poor real estate investments, sour mortgage loans and unstable junk bonds, SBG approached the decade conservatively and ended the eighties with record-setting revenues of over $500 million.



In 2005, Security Benefit launched se2, an innovative business processing and administration company.  In 2008, Security Benefit completed an acquisition of Rydex Investments, nearly doubling the size of our firm.



In July 2010, Security Benefit was purchased by an investor group and is now privately owned. As part of the transaction, our owners infused a significant amount of capital into SBL, thus committing themselves to Security Benefit's financial strength and enhancing our positive outlook for the future. 


This rich history has shaped Security Benefit into the stable company it is today. Our forward-thinking approach has helped us transition throughout the years and become industry leaders while creating innovative products to meet the changing needs of our clients. We're here to provide solutions that help lead you To and Through Retirement.